A Little About Me

As a business owner, you need more than just investment management. Most financial advisors are geared toward providing advice to individuals. The training and licensing required for securities and investment advisory licenses do not cover topics that are critical to business owners. As a result, most business owners have accepted the mediocre level of service available to them through the traditional channels and are not getting the advice or solutions that will really impact their futures.

My expertise in portfolio construction and investment management rivals that of the best advisors. However, it’s my background and experience prior to becoming a financial advisor that sets me apart and qualifies me to speak at a higher level to business owners. At age 23 I started and ran a manufacturing company for 18 years, worked as a business broker for three years after that and became a financial advisor 9 years ago.

I’ve lived the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, I’ve helped people buy and sell business and I’ve seen the failures and successes that go along with it. My first-hand knowledge of personal guarantees that keep you up at night, cash flow issues that change regularly and the constant struggle for work/life balance uniquely qualify me to provide more than the traditional financial advisor.

As a business owner, the decisions you make daily involve a risk/reward quotient that sets you apart from others. Your business is most likely your largest investment and would be crippled if you had to immediately disengage from it. The future of your family is dependent upon the continued success of your business and, quite possibly, selling it in the future. I know that you’re too busy and pulled in too many directions to adequately address all the personal financial issues you need to. Sometimes you aren’t even aware of the topics you should be addressing.

I love what I do and am passionate about providing cool solutions to business owners that will really impact their lives. I pride myself on introducing big business concepts to small business owners in a way that they can understand and implement.

On the personal side…

In 2020 I married my beautiful and intelligent wife Kathleen and we live in St. Charles, IL with her two teenage girls and two beagles. I’m a cigar aficionado, love muscle cars, baseball and reading spy novels.

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