Good advice is hard to find

Where can business owners turn for good advice? The most traditional answer is from a CPA. Have you ever asked your CPA for his or her insights into your P&L and their advice about the direction of your company? How about for tax reducing strategies? If not, try it and see how it goes. If you’re one of the rare and lucky few, you may get a good nugget or two. However, more than likely, you wont get anything too aggressive. I’m not bashing CPAs, they are a valuable part of every business owner’s team.

Advice, by nature, requires risk. The person giving the advice is risking his or her reputation on its outcome. The entrepreneurial risk tolerance is larger than normal people and therefore, most advisors don’t provide the solutions business owners are craving.

Other business owners can be a great source of ideas, but it’s hard to connect with them due to the isolationist nature of running a business. The internet if fraught with unreliable information that is often outdated to too generic. There are good books out there but separating the wheat from the chaff takes more time than most entrepreneurs have.

This blog will provide concepts and ideas geared toward the small business owner. it will introduce and explore thoughts and ideas designed to spark thought and provide possible solutions to the issues faced by business owners every day.

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